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El Borko plays Psychedelic Americana!

Surfin', Rockabilly and British Invasion.

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The Miller Brothers Band

The Miller Brothers Band of Eugene, Oregon play Soul, R&B and retro hits from their debauched collective youth. Their rich vocal harmonies and powerful groove is fun for dancing. Formidable frontman Steve Miller (not the famous one) sings like a mix of Wilson Pickett and John Fogerty. Steve's brother Tim plays bass and acts as the responsible adult for the group. Groove-meister Jeff has played with a host of popular local bands in Eugene and is indispensable on vocals. El Borko on guitar...

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Who is El Borko?

picture of brook adams

I am experimenting with a funny name.

...Because my own name, Brook Adams is the same as a number of actors and lady wrestlers and things and to my ears it has never sounded that stagey... So I'm never gonna be world famous but if a catchier name works better for shows I will go there so just remember...

El Borko plays Psychedelic Americana.

Upcoming Shows

  • 06/01/2018
    Territorial Vineyards - Eugene, OR
  • 07/06/2018
    Territorial Vineyards - Eugene, OR
  • 07/20/2018
    Territorial Vineyards - Eugene, OR

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