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Brook Adams

Brook with RegalBrook Adams plays retro pop music on guitar and ukulele. His skillful playing and soulful whiskey voice evoke a timeless groove where the sounds of Bakersfield, New Orleans and the heartland coalesce. His songs are like undiscovered classics, whimsical, emotional, memorable. A surprising range of covers includes Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Clapton, Spirit, and other cool stuff.

Miller Brothers Band

The Miller Brothers Band of Eugene, Oregon play Soul, R&B and retro hits from their debauched collective youth. Their rich vocal harmonies and powerful groove is fun for dancing. Formidable frontman Steve Miller (not the famous one) sings like a mix of Wilson Pickett and John Fogerty. Steve's brother Tim plays bass and acts as the responsible adult for the group. Groove-meister Jeff has played with a host of popular local bands in Eugene and is indispensable on vocals. El Borko on guitar...

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Who is El Borko?

picture of brook adams

Last years' office football pool required some kind of name... So I chose "El Borko". Then one night at a take out place they asked for a name and I said, "El Borko" and I like the way it sounds. So you can still call me Brook but if you see "El Borko" is playing somewhere, it's me! Let's try it...

EL BORKO has performed at: New York Ukefest, Portland Ukefest, Wine Country Ukefest (Napa Valley, CA), Oregon Country Fair (Eugene, OR), Seattle Folklife, Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz, Berkeley Ukulele Club (Berkeley, CA), Gorge Ukefest (Hood River, OR), Reno Ukefest, Omaha Ukulele Hoopla, West Coast Ukulele retreat (Monterrey, CA), Columbia Gorge Ukulele Band Camp (Portland OR), Port Townsend Ukulele Festival, Eugene UKEtoberFest (Eugene, OR), Oakridge Ukulele Festival (Oakridge, OR).


Upcoming Shows

  • 10/20/2017
    Sam Bond's Brewing - Eugene, OR.
  • 11/03/2017
    Territorial Vineyards - Eugene, OR
  • 12/01/2017
    Territorial Vineyards - Eugene, OR

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