21 Days (Sylvia)

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Brook Adams


Twenty one days on the road without you.
Twenty one nights I was dreamin' about you.
Promised land passin' by all around me.
Happy man, felt so glad that you found me.

And if trouble came along, I thought of you and it made me strong.
Oh Sylvia, ohh Sylvia.

You don't need any body to save you.
Don't believe love should have to enslave you.
And even though I needed someone to hold me.
I did not know, just how love could control me.

So I thought I'd let you in. You opened up my heart again.
Oh Sylvia, ohh Sylvia, oh Sylvia, ohh Sylvia.

Felt so good to hold someone in my arms again.
Guess I shoulda listened to the a-larm.
Felt so sweet believing I could be-long again.
I was wrong again, wrong again...

Late last night, playing out with the band,
Sylvia, be here soon like we planned.

Check my watch, check that door. She ain't comin' around no more.
No Sylvia, ohh Sylvia, goodbye Sylvia, I'm gonna miss you Sylvia.

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