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Songs of love and redemption. Inspired by doo-wop, country, rock and soul.

Fountain Of Love... - CD

There is a story in these songs. It might be yours. It could be anyones.

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About The older CDs

I am letting my back catalog sink into the muck of time. If you really really want one you can email me and see what I can do.

Here is a list of my old CDs and what's up with them

Tunnel Of Sharks: Not quite gone. Email me if you want one.

Swingin' Marmalukeys (the green on): Sold out

Evil Ukulele: Sold out

Abbey Road On Ukulele: Sold out

String Theory: Sold out

Love Death & Agriculture: There are a few left. Email me if you want one.

Donut Head: All gone

Upcoming Shows

  • 08/19/2017
    Saturday Market - Eugene, OR
  • 10/06/2017
    Territorial Vineyards - Eugene, OR

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