Island Song

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brook adams


This was a demo which came out rather well...


Barefoot boy come a runnin' inside,
"It's the water!", he cried, "I believe the island is sinking!"
Papa declared, "It's only the tide." and his mama cried,
"Son, you're much too young to be drinking."
The boy said, "You gotta believe your eyes.
When the water began to rise,
Scariest thing that I have ever seen."

Getting deeper now than a while ago, well he told 'em so
But they didn't know, their island was a submarine.

Down below in the boiler room,
"Gonna activate the volcano soon.", Said the captain.
Up above at the water side,
People terrified as the rising tide is lappin'.
Gonna get in the boats and row.
When they see the volcano blow.
But then the weirdest thing that they have ever seen.

In the mountainside a big door appears and the captain says,
"You can come in here! 'Cause your island is a submarine."

Everybody knows, it must be time to go.

They don't care what the captain say,
People paddled the boats away.
Smoke came outta the mountain top.
Elevation began to drop.
Captain singing a pirate song,
Down the hatch and the island's gone.

You better hold on to your canoe,
And a couple of blankets too.
And pay attention to everything you've seen.

'Cause when the pressure falls and the island sinks
And the levees break and the light bulbs blink.
You may be living on a submarine.

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