Ridiculous Dream

sophie's drawingSometimes a sleeping person's environment influences their dreams. Okay, so my cat jumps up on the bed early in the morning and puts her whiskers in my face so I will get up and feed her. I think this was the 'trigger' for my ridiculous dream.

I dreamed I woke up and a baby was crawling toward me on the bed and putting it's face on my nose. In the dream I said, "Oh! I guess I had a baby.". Then I got up and put pillows on the bed so my 'baby' wouldn't fall off. When I came back to the room the baby sat up and said, "What happened?". I told the baby that I must've had it so it was my child, then I left again. When I returned to the room a third time the baby was now a young adult and I said he was ready to go live on his own. Good luck! Then I woke up.

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