Surf Party!

Surf Party PosterThis post began as one thing and ended up somewhere different. Like Gypsy guitarists seeking  Duende, surf guitarists chase "the drip". This cavernous percussive sound is a defining element of surf. It takes a combination of technique and the right equipment to get this sound. A good drip really sounds like drops of water falling in a cave. It's most excellent, Bill & Ted! 

It's hard to find a band with a better drip sound than The Astronauts, the classic surf band from Boulder, Colorado. Their song "Surf Party" is a winner in all categories. Looking for a YouTube link, I found other bands I like playing the same song and well... You gotta hear 'em! 

The Astronauts: 
Hear that heavy guitar with the "poing poing poing" sound? That's the drip! 

The Archers: 
The energy this band generates could power a small city.   

Surf guitarists (myself included) admire Dave Wronsky, and let's admire his band too. 

El Sindicato Del Surf: 
A rockin' quarantine video with a really slick arrangement. 

And so boys and girls, what did we learn? 
That Surf Party by The Astronauts is XLNT! 
The end.

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