When will it be normal again?

designMy band was finally gonna play last Friday. We had worked out some details about social distance and expectations. Then as the week went by and the coronavirus infection levels began to explode, we had to call it off. Disappointment, frustration, resignation. Let's get this out front, it's not an ego thing. Musicians are compelled to play music. We will play music to an audience, or a flock of goats or to an empty room... we just wanna play. Some of us also have some perspective on the matter. Life can't be normal again until we have a vaccine for this disease. 

If and when such a vaccine is developed, we need to change our behavior to prevent a replay of this mess. We need to elect leaders who serve the people and not themselves. This means we have to get involved. The world needs more than just our 'moral support'. We need to have some uncomfortable conversations, we need to give up some leisure time and help fix things, we need to look in the mirror and be honest with ourselves. 

I could go deeper here, but for now I wanna keep it simple. The main reason we didn't play last week was this: we didn't want to be part of the problem. I have a few solo and duo gigs around town but if the plague continues to expand, I'll have to stop. While we wait for a vaccine, we should start working on our society, our country and our world. We need to have compassion for those less fortunate, understanding of our enemies, and most of all we need to be firm and demand nothing less than equality, justice and respect.

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