From the recording Checkered Fool

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What do you do. When you're lookin' for the light,
And the man with the lantern isn't really that bright.
And what do you do. When you're comin' up for air,
And the hand that you were holding is no longer there.
And what do you do when you need to be strong,
And you're calling for help, but the telephone number's wrong.

What do I do. If I ever need to pray.
I'm gonna get down on the ground. I'm gonna dig myself some clay.
And what'll I do, with this earth that I have found?
I'm gonna make myself a god, I'm gonna carry him around.
And when I was through, I would throw it away,
for somebody else who might be needin' a god someday.

Don't need no bleedin' heart red. Don't need no coconut head.
Don't need no crucifix tree. I don't need no pity.

And what'll I do when the time has come to die?
I'm gonna lay my body down, I'm gonna close my eyes.
And when it's all through, then in peace I know I'll be.
Like a raindrop to a river. Like a river to the sea.
And I may be afraid, but I'll know what to do.
With this god in my pocket. He's gonna carry me through.