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Brook Adams & Rob Tobias: Healthy Moves Benefit

 —  —

5th Street Public Market (upstairs terrace), 296 E 5th Ave, Eugene

Grassroots to the Blues – Fifth Street Public Market – Special Edition Music from Rob Tobias and Brook Adams from 4:30-6:30 pm. This is a benefit for the Healthy Moves organization. There is a raffle and you can also contribute. Due to school budget cuts, many physical education positions have been eliminated. Healthy Moves trainers work with students and their classroom teachers to demonstrate fitness activities


Brook Adams Solo: At Territorial

 —  —

Territorial Vineyards, 907 W. Third Avenue, Eugene, OR

If you've been missing live music, here ya go! Territorial is re-opening the week of June 12. It's an experimental scene with the social distancing and all... I will play solo guitar, ukulele, and sing a bit from 6:00 to 9:00 PM outside on the patio. Now we can answer the question... "Can you drink wine with a straw?"