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Brook Adams

Brook Adams

Brook Adams

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Whether he is wielding his ukulele as a solo singer-songwriter or playing electrifying surf guitar as part of El Borko, Brook always brings something fresh and innovative to his creative output. ” - Thomas Hilton

Aldora Britain Records

Like a pack of bicycle messengers jamming through noon traffic, Love Death and Agriculture (Brook's old band) have a new seriously fun sound cutting a path through the mainstream mundane” - Katie McMillan

Seattle Rocket, Number 190, 28 September 1994

Even when he's singing about a relationship breaking up, he does so with a sense of humor.” - Serena Markstrom

— Eugene Register Guard

Brook Adams has that rare gift: the ability to shift from charming to smarmy and back again, like Tom Jones without the screaming.” - F. Murschell

— In Town Magazine, Eugene, OR