Surf Guitar & Ukulele!

El Borko blathers...

El Borko On The Beach

Brook Adams writes and plays his own songs influenced by 60s & 70s pop, rock and blues. He plays with his pals Tim, Jeff and Rafael in the 'Miller Bros Band' the first Friday of every month at Territorial Wines in Eugene. EL BORKO plays twangy guitar instrumentals with a sixties vibe which you might call "surf & western". He plays ukulele because the desert in his soul was once a prehistoric ocean.


Brook Adams Solo: At Territorial

Territorial Vineyards, 907 W. Third Avenue, Eugene, OR

If you've been missing live music, here ya go! Territorial is re-opening the week of June 12. It's an experimental scene with the social distancing and all... I will play solo guitar, ukulele, and sing a bit from 7-10 outside on the patio. Now we can answer the question... "Can you drink wine with a straw?"