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El Borko ¡Surf!

It's here! The new album is finally done!

El Borko ¡Surf! is the first album with Cameron Wick on drums and James P. Daley on bass. I've been around the Pacific Northwest with these guys, they're fun to hang out…

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About Surf Part II

It's fun to break down a genre into sub-genres and see what they bring to the whole. Here are four possible sub-genres for surf music; cinematic drama, barefoot beach party, hotrod hoodlum, and sensuous jungle tiki.

Cinematic drama is the…

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Chiquita? Requinto?

Looking for a cheap travel guitar in Guadalajara, I discovered what they called a requinto. Who wouldn't love a tiny classical guitar tuned up high like a ukulele? Mine was a "Tres Pinos" brand, and I carried it around in…

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