Headmixer Larry

Headmixer Larry & Maria MalaIn the 90s, my wife and I worked at a private school in Arizona. There is a campfire story about an unfortunate student called 'Headmixer Larry'. I love this story, it's many variations, and it's place in the memories of the many alumni of this school. When I formed the band El Borko ¡Surf!, I wrote my own variation with a surfing theme. Five of the songs on the album 'Surf Monster' are related in some way to the story. 

My friends Rob Tobias and Michael Hall helped us make the video for the song 'Headmixer Larry'. The band is Jon Neher on steel guitar, Cameron Wick on drums, and James Daley on Bass. I think it came out well. It's cheesy, it's tacky... Go to the video page and have a look!

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