Mucho Trabajo

Most people who have recorded an album know how much work it is. You have to write the songs, then play the songs, then record the songs. Then you gotta mix the songs, master the songs, make an album cover and duplicate the record. Then you gotta tell the world what you did and try to sell some copies. Massive undertaking. Is it worth it?

There's a place in Utah called Newspaper Rock where you can see 2000 year-old petroglyphs made by the Anasazi, Pueblo, and Navajo cultures. They made a record of their experience for future people to see. I think our motivation is the same. It's rooted in some deep psychological compulsion. Our record may go nowhere. We as individuals are no match for the corporate-multi-national marketing system, so it's unlikely we will be discovered and launched into celebrity orbit, but that doesn't matter. If we can find like minded music lovers out there and give them something they can enjoy, then we have succeeded.

I'm finishing a new album, and like every one before it, I'm sure it's "the best one ever". Who knows if that's true? What I know is that it's my best effort so far, and I like what I made and I hope someone else will too. That's the best we can do.

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