Son Of Drinkula

Son Of DrinkulaCount Drinkula is a wine swilling vampire. Because he's a vampire, he stays inside and does title searches for his wife, Anita who sells real estate. They live in a gated community called Pendejos Ricos in Las Casas, California. They have a teenager named Son of Drinkula who is not a vampire. Son of Drinkula has a pet named Weedmore. Weedmore is a creature of unknown origin with the ability to speak, plush green fur, and a taste for marijuana.   
Son of Drinkula brings Weedmore to a beach party. Girls don't really dig Weedmore but they tolerate him because Son of Drinkula is cool. Stoners like him though because he always has good weed. Weedmore is competitive, and in a foolish contest of machismo, he starts a beer drinking contest with a big guy named Victor. 

The revellers encourage Weedmore to swim out to Monster Rock, a lonely geologic outcropping covered with bird poop. Weedmore is not human. He is small and powerful, but he has his limits. In his highly inebriated state he reaches Monster Rock and rolls around in the bird poop until his fur is saturated, then dives into a floating bed of seaweed which entangles him. The tide sweeps him back to the beach party where a big wave dumps him on the sand. Disoriented, he comes roaring out of the night surf covered in seaweed and bird crap and blunders through the bonfire causing chaos. Before he is recognized, Victor rescues him and leaves him in Son of Drinkula's car to sleep it off. The stoners realize it was only Weedmore, but no one else believes them and so begins a local legend about a a hideous surf monster.

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