I made a new album!

Surf Monster Album CoverHey there people! It's January and I made a new album. It's called Surf Monster and it has 12 original songs. I call the musical style "Surficana", as in Surf-Americana. There's surf-rock, pop vocals in a semi-60s style, and some instrumental soundscapes to spark your imagination. I recorded with my friend Jon Neher who played lap steel and pedal steel guitar. The mix of instruments created a fun and interesting blend.

I am releasing this guy on March 5. I will be sending out email and adding info here as all the pieces come together. To go along with the album, I have Surf-Monster T-Shirts and also a book called "A Tale Of Two Surfers". Five of the songs from the album come from this story. I'm really stoked about this record. Looking forward to releasing it.

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