Strong Smoke And A Cat In A Pot

One time after a gig we sat in the bass player's van and smoked some weed. I was a big stoner in my younger days, but over time I kinda lost interest, so I was unprepared for how strong it was. Since we had been drinking a bit too, I was worried about getting pulled over, so I took the back streets home. Maybe the unusual route I took had something to do with what happened next. 

There was a supermarket about four blocks from my house, as I passed it, I forgot where I lived. I'm not talking about little details like, left and right, I mean, I didn't even know if I was in the right town. I had to think it through. "I was... at the gig, so I must live in this town. I came this direction, so I must be approaching my house." 

I decided to drive in a big circle, turning right at every traffic light. After the third light, I passed a street that looked familiar. "Yes! that must be it!", and it was. I drove until I recognized my house. When I went in, I disturbed the cat, who was sleeping in a big flower pot. "Hello, Cat-In-A-Pot.", I said.

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