Then & Now

ribbon under the sky

Listening to "No Time" by the Guess Who. I was in 7th or 8th grade when it came out. How they made that sound was beyond my comprehension. The song took me beyond the boundaries of my youthful experience into the realm of possibility. 

Listening to the same song now takes me to the same place but coming from another direction. What-might-be has become what-might-have-been. Did our lives meet our expectations? It seems that what I expected and what happened were so different that it makes no sense to even compare. 

We become the path we travel. The songs we played and the friends we made... Would a different outcome been any better? Who could have predicted I would meet the love of my life and have two smart, funny daughters, then come to Oregon and become a ukulele player?   

Let's not forget the hard times. Misfortune and regret comes to us all at some time, but this is where we are now. This is who we are now. Sometimes I cry, but every day I find a reason to smile.

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