You Gotta Hear It!

Collage by Barb SchenkI spend a lot of time promoting my band on various calendars, websites, and other Public Relations-y sorta things. You have to write descriptions of the band... over and over. Go to any events or band website and marvel at the same formula repeated ad-nauseum. 

I have created here for you... a template. The items in parenthesis can be selected or replaced by your own ideas. This should create a familiar-style band description guaranteed to bore people even more than a buncha retired guys playing "born In Chicago" for the millionth time. 

Here is the template: 

The (xyz) band plays (new music old style, old music new style, soft music loud, loud music soft, bad music good, good music bad). They cover (style, style, style, and style), creating a (fusion, tension, extension, intervention, legionaires' convention) of (toe-tapping, booty shaking, mind bending) (groove, vibe, thang, shite*). *my fave 

Their (amazing, award-winning, sartorially resplendent) (singer, guitar player, bagpiper, fire-eating parkour daredevil) and guy who isn't that great but does all the booking, weave their magical web of things they think are cool to create a synthesis of musical vibration that that explodes like an incontinent baboon on LSD. You gotta hear it!

I hope you like the image. It's by my friend Barb Schenk up in Portland.

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