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The Zoo

I put a new song on the website music player, down there... at the bottom of the screen... called "The Zoo". I wrote it a few years back with completely different lyrics, which I decided weren't that good. Here is…

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Why Music?

Sensible people recognize that we as individuals are insignificant. We hope that we matter to those we care about, but in the big picture we are nothing. 

Nonetheless, this is our life, and it means a lot to us. Not…

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The Show Might Go On

I have two shows this weekend, one with Miller Brothers at Friendly gardens Friday night and one with El Borko Surf! at Viking Braggot Brewery Saturday afternoon at 4:00. I say "I hope" because things are shaky here as in…

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After I released Surf Monster five months ago, I felt like I had more to say. So I said it by making another El Borko album, Surficana. This new record has seven surfy songs and no singing. These songs explore…

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With A Little Help From My Friends

I played two very different shows this past weekend. One was a full electric band at a brew pub and the the other was Sunday brunch solo acoustic music. At both events I saw friends who have been coming to…

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2 shows & a cool car

I have two shows coming up this weekend: 

This Saturday July 17, 6:00pm — 8:00pm 
El Borko Surf! 
Viking Braggot Brewing Brewery & Taproom, 
520 Commercial St, Unit F, Eugene, OR 
Classic and modern surf including music from their album…

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New Album & Old Album

Making and promoting Surf Monster has been a really good experience. I got back into the patterns of practice, promotion, and performance that characterizes the life of a musician. I couldn't stop, I made another surf record which is coming…

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Aldora Britain Records

Tom Hilton has a small label in the UK. He puts out a regular series of music samplers by indy artists like me. He sent me links to some of these and they are super fun. Lots of great music…

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