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Thump & Chime

Ahh... chunky lows, chimey highs, and thick, bright single notes. I call it "Thump & Chime". The three main factors in getting this sound are the player's touch, the guitar pickups, and the gain structure from guitar to amp. I…

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The Surfy Universe

Why do we like surf? Well, for starters it's a big guitar sound, that whomping low bass and sparkling treble. The sound of surf is like a beautiful leviathan exploding from the sea. Surf evokes the power of waves and…

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Live Shows

When I was in eighth grade, the youth group at our church brought in a band. This was at someone's house and the players were "big kids" from high school or maybe even college... oooh! We all listened to records…

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Surf Party!

This post began as one thing and ended up somewhere different. Like Gypsy guitarists seeking  Duende, surf guitarists chase "the drip". This cavernous percussive sound is a defining element of surf. It takes a combination of technique and the right…

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The Ultimate Guitar

Pet owners love to post pictures of their little buddies. pet sleeps, pet does funny thing, pet looks cute. Guitar players do the same thing. And, like pets, guitar pictures reflect their owners, some look sharp, some look beat up…

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Goofier is better

Because of the covid virus, many musicians are putting up video, and many are trying new and amusing things. Some are borderline genius, but you don't have to be a genius to put up something fun. 

On the album Roxy…

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My Favorite Surf

I've always been aware of surf music, but then three years ago I became a fan. As I learned to play the style, I found great satisfaction and new growth as a guitar player. How did this happen? I can…

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My Favorite Animal

My kids used to ask, "Dad, what's your favorite animal?". I would reply, "My favorite animal is... the monster". This happy memory got me wondering, why do I like monsters? Maybe because a monster is a mystery. 

Before we go…

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Surf? Really?

When you tell people you like surf music, get ready to explain that you don't mean the Beach Boys. I like the Beach Boys just fine but we're talking about fast pickin', whammy swervin', reverb drippin' excitement! Dramatic guitar instrumentals…

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